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Current Research projects

Title: The Construction of Social Difference in School and its Social Genesis – An International Comparison (Duration: 01.09.2019 to 31.08.2022)

As part of the project, we investigate the question of significance and relevance of school structural and legal framework conditions for different constructions in classroom interaction and practice as well as the associated forms of enabling and hindering academic and social participation of all students in the classroom. The project provides a comparison of teaching practices located in a single-track school system, that of Canada, and in a multi-track school system, that of Germany. The comparison of practices and structural framework conditions is anchored in the Praxeologcial sociology of knowledge and is carried out with the help of interviews with teachers group discussions with students, and videos of Math and Social science classes in 9th grade. Data is being collected and evaluated using the documentary method. These are related in the sense of a multi-level comparison with the framework conditions contained in educational policy documents and programs. The project aims to gain knowledge about the importance and relevance of school system framework conditions for pedagogical practices.

Project: Construction of performance difference in inclusive physics lessons

Cooperation Prof. Dr. Susanne Heinicke and Larissa Fühner, WWU Münster, Germany and Prof. Dr. Tanja Sturm, MLU Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

A current topic of school and teaching (development) research is the question of inclusive subject teaching or inclusive subject didactics. The challenges of inclusive (subject) teaching are perceived in secondary school as an intensification of the inconsistency of the school education and the selection mandate due to their subject-related orientation and an extended external differentiation along educational programs compared to primary school.

On inclusive subject teaching and subject didactics physics in inclusive contexts, very few findings are available so far. We are researching this gap in a project – in cooperation with physics didactics and school and inclusive pedagogy. A first approach to the interest in knowledge takes place based on two videographed lessons of a learning group of secondary level 1 of an inclusive urban comprehensive school. We are interested in the interactive creation and processing of performance differences of the teachers and students in their examination of the subject matter. Furthermore, the subject teacher and selected students were interviewed. The data collection and evaluation are carried out using the documentary method.