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Impediments and enablers to schooling of non/privileged students during the COVID-19 pandemic - a comparison between Germany and Canada (BEB-CoP), funded by BMBF (01UP2219) from 01.02.2023 to 31.01.2026

The COVID-pandemic is a global phenomenon that poses major challenges to all societies and their organizations, such as schools. Children and adolescents are considered to be at particular risk of being negatively affected by its consequences in terms of schooling. Forecasts suggest that existing educational disadvantages will worsen, especially for children and young people from non-privileged backgrounds. Reasons for this are seen in the (partial) school closures as well as the respective school form-related and home-based opportunities for remote and distance learning. The aim of the project BEB-CoP is to compare the obstacles and opportunities for social and academic participation of students from non-privileged backgrounds in Germany and Canada, who experienced it during the vulnerable transition from childhood to adolescence. A central desideratum will be focused on: the experiences of lower secondary school students during the pandemic. They will be collected by means of group discussions. In addition, interviews will be conducted with school administrators and classroom teachers. By comparing students growing up in socio-economically non-privileged families in Germany and Canada and being educated in a multi- versus a single-track school system, milieu-specific obstacles and facilitations of social and academic participation will be reconstructed. The comparison with Canada, where educational success and social background were already less strongly correlated than in Germany in pre-pandemic times, and which is a leader among OECD countries in the development and expansion of school digitalization, opens up new insights for the design of innovative educational policy measures for sustainable (school) educational equity and digitalization during and after crises, as well as practical scientific findings for teacher education.

Projektleitung BEB-CoP

Prof. Dr. Tanja Sturm

Telefon: +49-345-5523754

Franckeplatz 1
06099 Halle (Saale)

Mitarbeitende im Projekt

Dr. Edina Schneider

Lennart Diebel

Anica Löchel