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Annette Britting

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Dr. Annette Britting


Dr. Annette Britting

room 132
Franckeplatz 1, Haus 31
06099 Halle (Saale)

phone: 0345/ 55-23761

Current Information

Teaching and Research Interests

Teaching in the field of study of rehabilitation educational psychology

  • Psychological foundations of the development and management of disabilities (developmental psychology and psychological aspects of learning and learning disabilities)
  • Special educational diagnostics and assessment
  • Supervision of the institute's test library
  • Professionalisation in teacher training with regard to support diagnostics, professional motivation and coping with stress



Doctorate (Dr.phil.) at the FSU Jena on the topic "Investigation of the possibility of stabilising and improving the success of social-psychological behavioural training through independent follow-up training


Studied psychology at Rostov-on-Don State University (USSR), graduated as a psychologist


since April 1995

Research assistant at the Institute for Rehabilitation Education, MLU Halle - Wittenberg.

With the main focus on:

  • Organisation and teaching in the field of study of rehabilitation educational psychology
  • Supervision of the remedial-diagnostic internship and the internship reports
  • Administration of the test library and counselling

October 1993 until April 1995 Freelance work:

  • Psychological support and counselling at Kröllwitz University Hospital/ paediatrics, ward for haematology and oncology on behalf of the association for the promotion of children with cancer
  • Various training and further education events for educational institutions
  • Psychological assessment within the framework of the MPU
  • Court expert opinion (culpability, credibility, custody)

September 1987 until September 1993

Research assistant in the Department of Medical Psychology, Medical Faculty of the MLU Halle - Wittenberg;

Worked independently as a clinical psychologist in inpatient and outpatient psychiatry, specialising in:

  • Diagnostics of neurotic and psychosomatic illnesses
  • Individual and group therapeutic work
  • Collaboration in the ward teams
  • Seminars in medical psychology for medical students
  • Psychology training and communication training for nursing staff and other social professions
  • Expert witness in criminal proceedings

September 1983 to August 1987

Research assistant at the Psychology Department of the FSU Jena

Further Education

  • 1992/93: Training in psychodrama techniques
  • 1983: Autogenic training
  • 1990: Hypnosis
  • 1988-1994: Training in psychotherapy with catathymic image experience
  • 1986: Conversational psychotherapy basic course I and II
  • 1984-1987: Training as a social-psychological behavioural trainer
  • 1984: Concentrative relaxation


Britting, Annette and Melitta Stichling (2009): Assessment (to 1.1. mental handicap - intellectual impairments) in Opp, Günther and Georg Theunissen (eds.): Handbuch schulische Sonderpädagogik, Verlag Julius Klinkhardt, Bad Heilbrunn

Britting, Annette, Kerstin Merz-Atalik, Monika Schumann and Karen Wellach (1998): Sonderpädagogischer Förderbedarf - Stellungnahme zum Entwurf einer Handreichung zur Feststellung des Förderbedarfs. With Annette Britting,. In: Erziehung und Wissenschaft; Sachsen-Anhalt Heft 2, February, 8.