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Inclusion and Exclusion in Education and Socialization



Welcome to the division Inclusion and Exclusion in Education (Bildung und Erziehung) and Socialization.

In research and teaching, the division focuses on the relation of inclusion and exclusion in education and socialization, especially within educational organizations.

The focus is on the relation of inclusion and exclusion, participation and disability, which characterizes the formal structures of organizations as well as the practices that can be found in these organizations. We study the formal structures and the practices along the educational science’s core concepts of education (Erziehung und Bildung) and socialization. With the help of these scientific categories, we investigate questions of inclusion/exclusion in different educational contexts, e.g. teaching, as well as in educational organizations (e.g. schools, daycare centers). The aim is to describe and analyze structures and practices that hinder and enable inclusion and, based on this, to formulate perspectives for professional action in educational organizations.

The division’s research and teaching are closely linked with the Institute for Rehabilitation Education, the Institute for Pedagogy and the Institute for School Education and Primary School Didactics. This is also reflected in the participation in the different study programs: the division is currently responsible for the teaching of Inclusive Education in Primary Education and Psychology and Diagnostics of Rehabilitation Education and is also responsible for the courses on Inclusion and Heterogeneity in the LSQ modules. On our website you can learn more about the study programs, the current courses, the research projects and about the staff members who participate in research and teaching.